Upcoming Events

Here is list of different programs and events in plan at IMA as well as across various members of the alliance.

Svadhyaya 3.0

Organized by :Purnam Svadhyaya.

Supported by :

Location : Online

Duration : 8 weeks

Date : 3-May-21 to 26-Jun-21.

Description : A beginners-level course to know and explore yourself and the world using the key ideas, vision and transformational practices as developed by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

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Swapathgami Cycle Yatra

Organized by :Travellers University.

Supported by :

Location : Fateh Garh Sahib, Punjab

Duration : 7 days

Date : 27-Mar-21 to 2-Apr-21.

Description : A 7 days long journey in the rural parts of India to taste the beauty of Gift Culture, an experiment to move beyond transactional economy. It is a journey to explore one’s gifts, to learning through challenges and unlearning through experiences.

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IMA Annual Gathering 2021

Organized by :Indian Multiersities Alliance (IMA).

Supported by :

Location : Aurovile, Pondicherry

Duration : 3 days

Date : 15-Mar-21 to 17-Mar-21.

Description : Over the three days, we will be sharing our work together, discuss ideas for strengthening the Indian Multiversities Alliance, plan the next steps for collaborative projects, visit a few learning centers in Auroville, and also meet and exchange our experi

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Bodies at Play

Organized by :.

Supported by : Lahe Lahe

Location : Online

Duration : 6 days

Date : 16, 17, 23, 24,30, 31 Oct 2020.

Description : Please clickon link for more details

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Conference - Movement and Other Arts Therapies: Encountering the New Normal

Organized by :Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI).

Supported by :

Location : Online

Duration : 2 days

Date : 5th and 6th December 2020.

Description : For our 7th annual International Conference, CMTAI is bringing together movement and other creative arts therapists/practitioners from across continents to re-think and re-imagine the purpose, medium, and meaning of our disciplines in the context of the C

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Restore & Re-Story Coming Home to Ourselves, Our Communities, and Mother Earth 🧡 -- GENOA Online Gathering 2020 --

Organized by :The Global Ecovillage Oceania and Asia (GENOA).

Supported by : Ecoversities

Location : Online

Duration : 3 days

Date : November 26th - 28th, 2020.

Description : Please click on link for more details

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Re-Engaging with Gandhi

Organized by :Purnam, Ritambhara & The Ecoversities Alliance.

Supported by : Same as above

Location : Online

Duration : 2.5 months

Date : 18-Oct-2020 to 3-Jan-2021.

Description : This will be a self-reflective engagement with oneself using Gandhiji as a mirror. Through essays, films and his Autobiography, we look at the evocations and provocations he leaves us with and explore them further in a dialogic space among a community of

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The Alivehoods Career Mela

Organized by :Alivehoods in association with..

Supported by : Indian Multiversity Alliance, Pitara, Shikshantar Andolan, Digital Empowerment Foundation, Navgurukul, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, Startup Oasis, Abhivyakti Media for Development, Bhoomi College, GNAAN U Education, Vikalp Sangam and BLUB WORLD.

Location : Over Zoom.

Duration : 5 days.

Date : 14th Oct'20 to 18th Oct'20..

Description : The Alivelihoods Career Mela will be a space for youth to learn about opportunities in alternative, regenerative and eco careers and to explore fields where they can make a comfortable living while keeping their heart & mind healthy and healing the Earth'

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Making Sense of Modern Education

Organized by :Asli Shiksha..

Supported by : NA

Location : Online.

Duration : 4 weeks.

Date : 12th Oct'20 to 7th Nov'20..

Description : A 4-week online course designed for parents and teachers. Through videos, reading material, introspective writing and group discussions, the course helps you to reflect within and discover new insights.

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Ecological Living in Urban Areas

Organized by :Bhoomi College..

Supported by : NA.

Location : Online.

Duration : 27 days.

Date : 10th Oct'20 to 5th Nov'20..

Description : This module will focus on ways in which we can make urban life more sustainable. The module will focus on water, waste and energy as the main three issues that we deal with in cities today. We will also look at community initiatives across the country and

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'Nationalism' by Rabindranath Tagore

Organized by :Purnam Cafe..

Supported by : NA.

Location : Online.

Duration : 7 weeks.

Date : 27th Sep'20 to 22nd Nov'20..

Description : A critical and self-reflective study of Tagore's Nationalism.

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