Anubhava- Pan India Gap Year Program

Youngsters across the globe struggle to decide which field of work they would like to venture into, struggle to find a sense of purpose in life. In our main stream education system students are taught 5-10 subjects chosen by the school or parents from limited resources confined inside a classroom for 12-14 years. There is no scope for students to understand themselves, learn what their values are or learn the things that they are really interested in. After 12 years of this, students are expected to choose a field that they will ideally work in for the rest of their lives.

How can anyone find their innate interests before pursuing one seriously that will define happiness quotient for life?

This is why we came up with Anubhava:

Anubhava is a pan India Gap Year Program that helps Anveshaks (explorers) identify their areas of interests, puts them on a Self-Designed Learning path and be happy at the next stage of their lives with more clarity.

A few of the objectives of the program are that the Anveshaks:

- Be independent, self-reliant, and overcome challenges

- Find themselves and discover their passion and the ignite & rekindle the fire within

- Break free from Fears

- Come out of their comfort zone

- Immerse in Cross cultural learning

- Develop out of the box approach

- Don't be afraid of taking the Risk

- Meet the new like-minded people and explore the communities

- Expand their horizon

- Learn outside the classroom and textbooks

This program is for youngsters between the age 16-25. There is no prior degree or diploma required to join Anubhava. The program will enable the learner to design his/her own year with the organizations on board on the principals of Gift Economy. For this, we are working to bring together organizations that are willing to mentor Anveshaks in the field that they work in for a minimum of 2 months.

The program will start with a month-long orientation during which the Anveshaks will engage in self exploration and design their gap year. They will meet quarterly for review and consolidation of their learnings.

The world is their classroom! The students can choose to pursue any field, it can be the arts, Social sciences, agriculture, education, healing, sciences or technology. There is also a lot of scope for inter-disciplinary studies.

Some of the expected outcomes are that the students by the end of gap year have clarity on what interest them and have started learning or working in their interest area, have networked with other people in their field of interest, perceptive of the word widened, have developed life skills like being independent and handling finances and have achieved the objectives mentioned above.