Klorofeel Foundation is hosting Bissamcuttack Learning Yatra under the banner of Indian Multiversities Alliance. Between 22nd and 26th April. You may register at https://goo.gl/forms/ctdFIYd5WuGAWw7J2. This Yatra is for you if you are a self explorer in the human journey, if you are part of any alternate learning or sustainability project or you wish to become part of one. There will be opportunity to deeply learn, unlearn and reflect together with fellow Yatris and facilitators running various projects. Understand how radical experiments work and their Theory of Change. During the Yatra, participants will meet organizations and people who are working on various ecological and social problems. They will visit Klorofeel projects (making learning fun, affordable and effective. Reviving indigenous knowledge system of the region), Harsha Trust (livelihood development), MITRA (community health initiative) and Living Farms (sustainable agriculture, forest regeneration, food security).
Bissamcuttack is in the foothills of Niyamgiri Hills that is home to Dongria Kondh people. These indigenous people famously saved their hills from getting mined for bauxite.


Self-explorers, learners and unlearners (above 17 years)


22 April - 26 April 2018


Bissamcuttack, Odisha, India